Cane Fu Facilitator Program

Cane Fu Facilitator Program
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  • Total Duration: 3:20:51
  • Videos: 4
In this course, you will find all the materials needed to become a Cane Fu Facilitator.


Cane Fu Facilitator Program Part 1

Learn all about the Cane Fu Facilitator curriculum in this 2 part series. Part 1 focuses on the Exercise System as well as the Basic Foundation Blocks and Strikes.

Cane Fu Facilitator Program Part 2

In Part 2 of the Cane Fu Facilitators Program video, GM Shuey demonstrates some of the Intermediate Techniques, and Advanced Techniques and Take Downs, used in the program. Plus, he gives a complete synopsis of the curriculum that ties it all together.

SESSION-Cane Techniques While Sitting
In this Session, GM Shuey demonstrates cane exercise and self defense techniques from a chair, as well as discusses the Warrior Cane Project.