Street Techniques Of The Cane

Street Techniques Of The Cane
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This is a course designed to train you to prepare for real life street situations. You'll learn some great "down and dirty" tactics that will allow you to defend yourself and your family against those who may harm you.


Street Techniques 1
We have combined a variety of blocks and counters introduced in our other instructional videos into a series of techniques designed for self-defense in a true street situation. GM Shuey and his son will show you some great “down and dirty” tactics against a number of different attacks.
Street Techniques 2
This is the next video in the Street Techniques series produced by Master Guy "Ziggy" De Ro our partner, founder of Cane Fighters International and Canemaster in Belgium. With his unique blend of humor and focused demonstration, Master De Ro will show you a wide variety of efficient and devastating techniques against a wide variety of situations.
Street Techniques 3: Defense With Sticks And Staffs

The third of our Self-Defense series, featuring Guy "Ziggy" de Ro and Mark Shuey Jr., this video focuses on self-defense techniques using a wide variety of wood "tools", such as dan-bongs, escrima sticks, hiking staffs and Ziggy's "little helpers".

Use your imagination and implement the techniques shown with other items such as a pen, folding umbrella or rolled up newspaper. In addition, Grandmaster Mark Shuey Sr. offers a guide to the tools shown as well as hints on proper maintenance of your wood canes, sticks and staffs.

Street Techniques 4: Cane Defense The UK Way

Join Grandmaster Mark Shuey Sr. and Canemaster Chris Bird in this exciting self defense video featuring the cane. Learn techniques staged in a wide range of “street” scenarios from the Street Techniques IV: Self Defense the UK Way.

Tactics include:
* Multiple opponents defense
* Defense versus a gun
* Defense on public transportation
* Female versus male defense
* Pressure point defense
and many more!

Exclusive Virtual Dojo Content-Street Techniques 5
In this our 5th Edition of Street Defense using the cane, we focus on techniques versus a knife or gun.